Fairy-tale experience at the art hotel

Isaac Mostovicz writes that artist Julian Schnabel's creation offers a luxury hotel experience with an unique twist...


A new breed of hotels that offers guests the ultimate fantasy of living surrounded by fine art is becoming increasingly popular. Marienbad Hotel in Berlin and Atelier sul Mare in Sicily are two good examples. However, the king of art hotels must be the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York. Where else could you wake up looking at one of Damien Hirst’s infamous spin paintings, or have a night-cap in the lounge while enjoying Cy Twombly’s Bacchus painting, a homage to the ancient Greek and Roman god of wine.

The fairy-tale like interior of the hotel is the brainchild of painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, and the art can be found everywhere, offering visitors a unique hotel experience. This bold and distinguishing atmosphere should also give the hotel competitive advantage in a difficult market, where visitors need to be offered that extra element to motivate them spending. The idea of living in an art installation or sleeping in a museum might just be that.

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