A tasteless desert launches in Sri Lanka

Isaac Mostovicz writes...


A hotel in Sri Lanka is offering a luxury dessert for its luxury clientele–for $14,500. Is offering the dessert simply a publicity stunt to build awareness of the hotel, or is the dessert worthy of such a price on its own merit? It does include an 80 carat aquamarine stone, which has about the same diameter as the head of a soup spoon.

Of course if someone is willing to pay the price (which one person apparently already has), he or she believes the dessert will provide a worthwhile amount of pleasure and enjoyment.

But is it in bad taste, given the amount of poverty in Sri Lanka and the fact that this chocolate, champagne and caramelized sugar confection costs about seven times the average Sri Lankan national income? Not according to the general manager of the hotel:

We have had a positive reaction both locally and internationally to the dessert which we don’t think is out of place, even in a country where there is considerable poverty… We felt that there has been so much negative news emerging from Sri Lanka in recent months in relation to the war, and wanted to come up with something that was upbeat and fun.

Upbeat and fun indeed.

[via BBC News]

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Jack Yan says of this article...

While I certainly respect efforts to use luxury to drive greater income to companies—in this case, one hopes that $14,500 goes some way to alleviating poverty among those working with the hotel—I have to say this dessert seems vulgar.

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