Diamond Hoax and Diamond Highs

Isaac Mostovicz writes...


One for the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ file: several weeks ago we mentioned the discovery of an unpolished diamond in the North-West Province of South Africa that was said to be twice the size of the Cullinan diamond. Turns out it’s a hoax: The UK’s Guardian reports that Brett Jolly, a British property developer, was apparently duped by former business colleagues who were trying to get him to buy the land where the ‘diamond’ was found. Upon Jolly’s arrival at the mine, they produced something that was clearly plastic and didn’t or wouldn’t use the testing machine properly on this ‘diamond’ to accurately test it. Shame.

In actual diamond news, Sotheby’s recently held an auction in Hong Kong that sold a 6.04 carat internally flawless ‘fancy vivid blue’ diamond for $7.98 million. That’s a price of $1.32 million per carat, about 10 times the amount that white diamonds of this caliber would sell for, and well above the previous record set by ‘Hancock Red,’ a red diamond that sold for $926,000 per carat 20 years ago.

The Diamond Vues blog notes that Sotheby’s is also going to auction off a nearly perfect 84.37 carat white diamond on November 14 in Geneva. It’s expected to fetch $15 million.

And so demand for exceptional diamonds continues to rise.

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