Skull for Sale Anyone?

Isaac Mostovicz writes...


An update to this post–Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God, the diamond-encrusted skull that juxtaposes mortality and eternity,  recently sold to an unnamed investment group for its asking price of $100 million.

Hirst reportedly kept a share of the piece himself to ensure that it gets displayed. The UK’s Independent is skeptical that it actually reached the asking price, with sources remarking that it’s notoriously difficult to know the specifics of private art sales and that sales talks had previously stalled at £38 million ($76 million).

According to Richard Polsky, a California art dealer:

This is all about investment, not about art collecting. This sale keeps Hirst in the news, reinforces the demand for his work and makes everyone who spent money at the White Cube feel good about their investment.

When the value of a piece is as astronomical as For the Love of God, does the focus necessarily have to shift from art to investment?

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