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While many items or experiences considered luxurious are scarce or rare, a new class of ‘sustainable luxury’ items and experiences aims to be as exclusive as traditional luxury while preserving and respecting the environment. We’ve already seen hybrid cars–now entire resorts are being designed in an eco-friendly way. Last week marked the launch of Revolution Places, a new sustainable luxury resort company that is currently developing an $800 million 650 acre resort in Costa Rica.

According to the Revolution Places vice chairman Philippe Bourguignon:

“We are creating an environment that departs from the gated and manicured environment of conventional developments. Cacique, Costa Rica preserves the essence of the local culture and natural beauty, while offering luxury and wellness. This is a place where people are not only guests, but participants in a uniquely authentic experience.”

The company has several noteworthy initiatives planned:

  • The resort design uses wind and solar patterns for optimal ventilation, shade and daylight, reducing energy and water demand
  • A comprehensive recycling and solid waste management strategy is being developed that incorporates the use of renewable energy and an on-site treatment facility to re-use wastewater.
  • Planned donations to local charities include one million trees, hydro-geological studies of the Panama aquifer and watershed, and computer learning centers

These are certainly worthy and responsible initiatives. But do they provide Revolution Places with a competitive advantage? Or will luxury consumers believe that Revolution Places is compromising the luxury experience to be green? We’ll find out in 2010 after Revolution Places opens.

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