Diamond gearshifts and luxury water…

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Two followups–


One: what goes perfectly with your diamond-encrusted Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster? Why, a diamond-studded gearshift knob of course! I’m not sure where this is from or who the target audience is, though I don’t think the producer/seller is trying to go extraordinarily upscale when he or she writes ‘For all you ballers out there… “What’s your braggin’ right???”‘ on the display placard. The shifter features 30 carats of ‘genuine’ diamonds and 10 ounces of 18-carat white gold. I’d be interested to see how high (or rather low) the quality of the diamonds is.


And two: following up on another luxury peculiarity we’ve been following: this week another luxury water was brought to my attention, perhaps the most expensive yet. Kona Nigari water, a desalinated water high in minerals from the deep seas off Hawaii, costs $16.75 per ounce. Granted, this is for a bottled water “concentrate” one is meant to add to regular water, so it costs a bit less in drinkable form–but $2144 for a gallon of concentrate seems a bit expensive to “make” a beverage that is available free nearly everywhere and isn’t supposed to have a strong flavor. The sea water in the concentrate is believed to be free from pollution and bring with it health benefits. Whether it’s worth it is of course up to those who choose to buy it, though recent news suggests that people are beginning to think more sensibly about the value of bottled water. Last month PepsiCo was forced (through pressure from environmental and political groups) to clearly state on each bottle of its Aquafina water that it’s only purified tap water. Does this mark the beginning of the end for luxury waters? Perhaps.

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