A Fashion Editor’s Luxury

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

Nice little article from Suzy Menkes, fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune, about her idea of luxury, recently published in Kiwi Collection, an online luxury travel magazine.

For me, luxury is art, craft and sensory pleasure. Art is something that we understand. It may be difficult and challenging but it is at the heart of luxury.

I agree with her; part of the difficult and challenge in art (and connoisseurship and luxury) is putting in the time and effort to develop a worthy appreciation. At Janus Thinking we believe that a big part of luxury is understanding yourself and what you want–the luxury you choose should always ‘feel’ right. Menkes concurs; she says that people long for true luxury experiences; they go out of their way to find places and things with perfect design and ambiance. You can read all of Menkes’ article here.

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