The diamond bubble: an email conversation (Part 2)

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

This is the second of six posts documenting an email exchange between Randy Pearson, of Allied Diamonds and Isaac Mostovicz of Janus Thinking.

From: Isaac Mostovicz
Sent: 10/8/2006 5:08:29 PM
To: Randy Pearson


It is very difficult to give such an estimate, as you know and comment. Some take 1ct or 0.5ct as a benchmark but this is not better either. Therefore, I preferred to rely on Even-Zohar as a source. He is honest enough to know the complexity of the market and provide these numbers as an illustration only. There are so many factors in building such a graph: the type of diamond (size and quality), the geographical market, the type of outlet, the time that the data was collected (now the situation is worse) and more. However, this complexity is more pronounced at the retail level.

You are correct about the squeeze at both ends, or throughout the pipeline. In the past, people were ready to suffer blows as they knew that in the long run they will win. This was the case with sightholders who were ready to overpay for their boxes, knowing that the DTC will pay back its loyal customers for the losses by offering special goods. Unfortunately, I believe that the DTC is not making money either, even when their mining operations are considered to be the most efficient in the market. De Beers is now a private company but did they stay a public company we’d see a hostile takeover. This article in IDEX confirms this squeezing trend.


Once again, check back at the same time tomorrow for the next installment.

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